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Fractional People Director | Fractional HR
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Fractional People Director

Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Helping to build stronger companies that inspire pride in their people


Operating 'inside' your company at a strategic level on a part time basis.


My name is Nicola Hale

I collaborate with companies on a fractional, interim, project or retainer basis.  My partnerships enhance engagement and productivity to drive growth.

With 30 years of corporate experience, I’ve led HR functions for some of the world’s best brands. Now, I find joy in sharing my expertise with a diverse portfolio of companies through Nicola Hale People Consulting Ltd.

I love uncovering hidden potential and driving performance - often working without boundaries to seek out the things that will make all the difference.  With sleeves rolled up, I guide colleagues, influence stakeholders, and strike that balance between speed and capacity.

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I LOVE helping companies with big ambitions.

As a fractional HR Director, I offer executive-level HR expertise honed in large organisations. With a keen understanding of both the corporate landscape and the unique challenges faced by SMEs, I provide insightful, commercial, and grounded solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

By leveraging world-class practices and resizing them to fit the scale and culture of your business, I can help you grow both strategically and sustainably.  Tapping into resources and expertise developed in larger businesses can give you a competitive edge and help you thrive.

My approach is based on truly understanding where you are and where you need to be. Whether it be developing or improving your culture or implementing intelligent organisational and people strategies, my solutions will deliver the results you need.  


Examples of some of the things I can help with:


Helping you ensure you have the right people in the top leadership roles working effectively together.  Coaching leaders.  Working to ensure organisations are designed and operate effectively.  

Change and transformation.  


Developing a people strategy to ensure your business performs.  Delivering initiatives and programmes to help you better attract, retain and develop your people.


Cultivating winning cultures and embedding the behaviours that your company needs to succeed.

Having ideas is easy.
Making them happen is the hard bit.

I help organisations with their biggest people opportunities or challenges:

  • SME's with growing pains or growth ambitions

  • Leaders who want to nurture their team members but are increasingly time poor

  • Organisations that aim to step change their performance

  • Companies wanting to thoughtfully manage integrations and change

  • Businesses readying themselves for the next step - sale, listing 

  • Organisations seeking to cultivate their culture

I also offer HR and Leadership coaching, development, team building and facilitation.

Having worked in corporate HR for 30 years, I have a wealth of experience across different sized organisations from large FMCG powerhouses, Utilities, transferred out Government functions right through to family led small organisations, a mid cap plc and a PE backed ex plc.   

My roles have been a blend of specialist and generalist HR (Industrial Relations, Talent, Bid Team Lead, Business Lead). Very early in my career I also worked outside HR in Retail, Finance, Customer Services and Engineering teams.

I have built and led purposeful HR functions in large organisations - so I have practiced the art of Leadership too.

Given this experience you might guess that I have seen a lot of variety in organisation cultures and in the experiences that individuals have in them.  I've also learnt a thing or two about how to truly engage people.

I am passionate about unlocking the performance of businesses through their people and I have set up my company to help others whilst doing more of what I love.

I believe that by fostering a high performance culture with compassion and purpose we can drive positive impact not only within businesses but also in the lives of individuals and within communities.

Companies I have worked with include:


Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Dave Pogson,
Sales Director

"I would highly recommend Nicola to help create positive change, whether to organisation design, people development & the talent profile, or to company culture and complex integration projects."
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Julian Momen, Chief Executive Officer

"As I began my own journey as CEO, Nicola was a hugely trusted supporter providing me with much needed encouragement and advice, for which I owe her much thanks."
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Kate Tinsley,

Chief Executive Officer

"Nicola will be frank when it’s helpful, is pragmatic and knows how to get stuff done. "
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Joseph Hudson, Chief Executive Officer

"Nicola is a skilled leader who brings HR expertise combined with a commercial approach which means she is able to add value to any Executive team that she is a part of.  I would highly recommend Nicola to any organisation."
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR

Paul Armstrong,
VP Customer Logistics

"Apart from her capability in Change delivery Nicola has a great passion for people development and values centric leadership which has helped shape the culture."
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Need Help?

Communication and positive workplace culture is essential as your company expands and develops - it's crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. 

nicola hale people consulting

Lets chat

Make that investment today.  Click below to book a free 30 minute video introduction meeting.


Company Info

+44 7545 078661

Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company in England and Wales.

Company number 15270010.   Registered office: The Old Doctor's House, 74 Grange Road, Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom, DY1 2AW

Fractional People Director | Fractional HR
Fractional People Director | Fractional HR
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